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After all there is never enough chrome!

A stop at a chrome shop in route for a Florida vacation by Joel & Kelly Simpson was the beginning of a passion for chrome shared by many of today's drivers. The Simpson's visit to look at after-market chrome for Joel's truck was the inspiration to provide chrome accessories to a deprived market. The couple was impressed by the offerings of the American chrome shop, but discouraged by the distance they had to travel to purchase the after-market products Joel desired for his rig. Upon returning home, Joel & Kelly began the journey to opening their own Chrome Shop in Ashburn, Ontario. In October 2005, NEVER ENOUGH CHROME was founded.

Joel's experience in the trucking industry, passion for detail, and wish to provide quality chrome products  Ontario and provides the chrome accessories most wanted by today's big rig drivers.

NEVER ENOUGH CHROME carries all United Pacific®, Trux Accessories®, Road Works®, Woody's Accessories® and Rig Skirts® product lines. If the part you need is not in stock, it can usually be obtained within seven to ten business days.

If you have never been to our stores, we welcome you to stop by for a visit and have a look around. We are confident that we can provide the parts to "chrome up" your rig. This has been a project in the making for sometime and we believe you, our customer, will be impressed by what we have. After all, there is NEVER ENOUGH CHROME!